5G Networks has been rapidly increasing across the world.

It will allow new services as e-health, connected vehicles and traffic systems including advanced mobile cloud gaming.

The power of the 100 times faster speed compared to 4G will be key to offer new services to end-users but also will allow companies to explore new opportunities on different markets like Health-Care and IoT (Internet of Things).

Just 3 years has passed since 5G started to enhance experiences and drive industries digitalization.

According to the biggest Swedish Telecommunications Services Company, Ericsson, on 2026 5G Networks will be taking care of more than a half of the world's mobile data traffic; meaning that Mobile Operators must be ready for managing such amount of traffic.

Whatsmore, social benefits that will be achieved by technologies like 5G & IoT are predicted to reduce global emissions by up to 15% by 2030 meaning that will help on the battle with climate change.

There is no doubt that mobile communications future is here and mobile operators are on the way to evolve their networks.